Nice to meet you!

I'm Ben, a person (who prefers they/them pronouns) from the bay area, though I go to school in Santa Cruz. I like to make food, occasionally draw, and tell computers to do things for me (though we often have disagreements).

I've worked on a few projects, including a game or two. When I'm not getting frustrated with computers for disagreeing with what I want them to do, I enjoy hiking, playing video games, and reading.

If you like, you can to me directly! So far, 0? people have said hi :>

How does it work?

Using my Fancy New Framework™ (26 lines of vanilla js), when you press the button it sends a request to an api endpoint on the rocket server hosting this site. That fetch is sent back a simple JSON object containing the total number of visitors so far, and that number is put into the code tag! Then after you've pressed it, the button is changed to "say hi" to indicate that you can't press it again. For the moment you can reload the page and that change will revert, though the server still will only register one press per ip.

On the backend, the request headers are unpacked to get the visitor's ip address, which, if new, is added to a list of "known" addresses, and the total count is incremented by one and returned. If the ip address in the request is a known address, the count is not increased but is still returned.

myself drawn as a crow by one of my friends. I'm wearing overalls with small tools in them a digital art profile picture made by a friend: androgynous person with dark hair smiling with their eyes closed

If you want to contact me about commercial work, please first take a look at my resume. Email is generally the best method of communication for me, and you can find my email address linked in the footer.

You can find the source code for this site in any of these places:

You can also check out the inventory page for a list of the hardware and software I use.

Feel free to say hi on mastodon or via my email

I'm also on a webring! All the sites on it are pretty neat, including those of my neighbours: