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a dithered photo of the top of my head, an idea shamelessly taken from Fred Bednarski's about page

I'm Ben, a person (who prefers he/him pronouns) living in the bay area. I like to make food, occasionally draw, and tell computers to do things for me (though we often have disagreements). I've worked on a few projects, including a game or two. When I'm not getting frustrated with computers for not following my every command, I enjoy playing video games, hiking, reading, and thinking about designs for watch movements (though I still have yet to build one).

Because I'm not super experienced in any one field, I often find myself anxious about asking those more knowledgeable. That's very often due simply to me not wanting to waste their time, but as a result I probably waste everyone's time by adding prefaces to my questions, such as:

and others. I'll try to just cut to the chase from now on, but if you need some context as to why I'm asking about something introductory, please feel free to mentally add one of the above prefaces to the start of my question!

Here's the source code for this site

You can check out the inventory page for a list of the hardware and software I use.

Feel free to say hi on mastodon or via my email