I try to reduce how much stuff I have, but as with anything, it's a process :)

Everyday items:

my lovely corne keyboard v2.1

Corne Keyboard (v2.1)

This was a fun project and I got to practice some soldering skills! I don't use it a huge amount, mostly because I love the keyboard my laptop has and don't run it with a monitor that often.

field notes special edition yosemite memo notebook

Field Notes U.S. National Parks special edition memo notebook

I've had a Field Notes memo book since I was in preschool; I think they're great! The memo books especially are convinient because they can actually fit into a pocket without too much trouble, so they're easy to bring everywhere.

black fisher space pen

Fisher space pen

A very nice pen I was gifted a few years ago. I haven't run out of ink yet, but when I do it's easy to get more!

a casio calculator watch on my wrist

Casio CA53W-1 calculator watch

Another item I've had forever, if you're curious about how to change the invert the display you can read my page on the subject :)

the best kindle ever made, the kindle 4 paperwhite, in black

Kindle 4

I personally think this or the first kindle touch are some of the greatest pieces of consumer electronics ever made. The kindle touch especially has some crazy features (like free cell service forever?!), but I mostly find myself using the Kindle 4 pictured.

a midori notebook, with a red ribbon pageholder, a small tag on the upper-right that says 2021-, and the midori MD logo imprinted in the middle right of the cover

Midori MD A6 notebook

Just a really solid notbook when I want to sit down and write something. It's almost small enough to fit in a pocket, but not quite (that role is still reserved for my Field Notes books anyway)


Fun Stuff:

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