Ben Hammond

benrhammond {at} gmail {dot} com

I'm Ben, a college sophomore working on various software projects. You can view my Github profile here, which shows most of my work over the past five or so years. The rest of this site is a blog and personal wiki which I update with some regularity. You can learn more about the tools I built to write it here, and learn more about me here.

Work Experience

Rarebase Engineering Internship 2 months

At Rarebase I built real-time data visualization apps for both internal and external use using Google Cloud Computing services. Over the two months I was there, I built a data processing and visualization pipeline for displaying a summary of our in-house lab data, which was displayed as a webpage running through a Cloud Function. I also implemented internal tooling for rendering cell platemap data using Dash and Cloud Run, which was used by Rarebase's bioinformaticists to streamline their data processing workflow.

Technical Knowledge

Along with the languages listed, I'm comfortable with bash, batch (begrudgingly), rysnc, git, CI/CD workflows, Google and AWS cloud computing services, Github actions, frontend and backend development in general, Docker, and nginx. I also have experience with Windows 10, Mac, and linux (Arch, Debian, and Ubuntu).

I have experience writing production code, mostly python, for Google Cloud Computing services such as Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, and Cloud Workflows, and I am familiar using Big Query, Dataplex, Cloud Scheduler, and IAM role management.