My Plans for This Site

It remains to be seen how this actually turns out, but my idea is that this will be a sort of news board on what I'm currently working on with this site specifically. I suppose we'll just see how it goes!

200221 - Move to RPi4

Well that wasn't too hard! With the help of natehn's website I managed to move Mineral Existence over to my raspberry pi 4 from Github pages, which is pretty exciting. It's currently running on Caddy, which was super simple to set up, and if you're thinking about making the move to self hosting as well I cannot recommend natehn's post enough.

010221 - Pillar

Work resumes...

090121 - Upcoming plans

This is not exclusively about this site, but I want to move marble to its own library, change how I do in-line formatting, modify pillar to only update pages if changes have been made, organize my Norsk page, and add a connectivity visualizer. Here's hoping I can get that done before 2022! (This is sort of a reminder for myself)

261220 - Ideas about slight restructuring

I've been thinking about this site, and what I want from it, and I think I might shift things around a bit. My internal debate around exactly what a "shift" would mean is based around two ideas for what personal sites can be: more wiki driven, with folders and smaller pages which are more vertically connected, or more "content" driven, so think blog posts. I've been sort of been sitting undecided between those two designs, with some pages (generally the earlier ones) leaning more toward the "blog post" side of things, and more recent ones leaning a bit more toward the wiki concept. I think I've decided one what I want which is to ... (drum roll please) ... purposefully sit between those two forms! While I've seen a lot of discussion on other personal sites about trying to get away from "content", often in the form of blog posts, and focus more on personal knowledge, I find that sometimes long-form articles are a good way for me to record my research, experience, mistakes, whatever. I also like to think that someone might find something helpful in here, and to that end I think that in-depth pages about a topic are often more effective at communicating knowledge than personal notes or short wiki pages. However, I don't want my site to *focus* on those more formal pages, merely offer them up for deeper explanations should the reader be looking for them or find them interesting. With that in mind, I think I want to slightly redesign my current home page, getting away from the list of recent updates to present a broader view of my site. I'm not quite sure what that will look like, but I'm leaning toward something graphical, maybe a map or diagram showing interconnected pages? I also sort of like the idea of hiding things away a bit more and relying on that interconnectedness to let people navigate my site, though the main four links I have in the header will definitely stay. Anyway, all just thoughts for now, so we'll see what I end up doing :>

201220 - Whoops, forgot about this page (and other news)

Amid all the changes to the site I totally forgot about this page! As a brief recap, I've moved everything to a new site generator, Pillar, and with that have rewritten everything in my new Marble markup language. Marble is very similar to markdown, and if you want to know more about it you can check out the repo, which has some examples and explanation. I'll be writing a longer page about Pillar, but Pillar is a simple site generator with (light) template support and a few neat features written in basic Rust with "unicode-segmentation" as its only dependency. In terms of new pages, I've added a page about learning Norwegian and one with the music I've been listening to (which is auto generated by Pillar!).

211120 - Lot's of css stuff

Lot's of changes have been made recently, mostly to how the site looks. I added a dark/light mode button (with the eldritch help of css target selectors), fancy blockquote boxes, and lots of other little changes. I got tons of help and inspiration from Fred Bednarski and thomasorus' sites, and overall I like the new look.

281020 - SVG Troubles

I've been messing around with getting contact links in the footer for a little while now, and I can't quite figure it out (my svg is invisible). This isn't much of an update, as I'm still not sure how to fix it, but more of a heads up as to why the footer might be a little funky.

261020 - Variables, Metadata, and Restructuring

While I currently have a pretty solid (if simple) site generator, it's missing a few tools and some extra customizability which I'd prefer it have. The main thing is that I currently have no way to store extra data about a file, like what sort of page it is, when it was last edited, what the title is, and so on. This is the most obvious problem, but is unfortunately not the most difficult. The main issue which I'm trying to solve right now is more of a design problem if anything, which is how I want to structure the building and rendering process of my site. Right now I just have a makefile which runs a rendering bash script which outputs html from markdown, plus a few extra substitutions of my own making (I'll probably write a full post on this process once I get the issue I'm talking about now nailed down). It works, but leaves little room for extra steps. While I could keep adding functionality to the render script (which I will do in a smaller capacity), larger substitutions such as a list of posts feel out of place in such a small script and would require a rewrite of how it works. This is due to my decision to leave the render script pretty dumb; it is given a single markdown file and outputs some edited html to be used by the makefile, and has no extra knowledge of the site as a whole.

My thinking as of right now is to have the makefile first run a script which generates a .meta file for file in the site, pulling variable from a header in each file. That script would also have the ability to return those values it collected. After the metadata is found (or updated), a second script would run to write those more complicated substitutions like post lists to the necessary .md files. Finally the render script would turn the markdown into html, and pass it back to the makefile for the completion of the build cycle. The idea of a lot of .meta files feels sort of gross though, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Additionally, I think I might break from my bash-only system to include a bit of Rust, as I've been wanting to learn it for a while and I figure this won't be too challenging of an introduction to the language.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and maybe look out for another one of these updates soonish?